GAIRPAQ Elections Call for Nominations and Proposed Amendments

GAIRPAQ members,

The immediate past president of GAIRPAQ is responsible for the annual elections process.  Our immediate past president, Donna Hutcheson, retired from Kennesaw State University in December 2016. As her predecessor, I am stepping in to perform this function.  We are seeking nominations for the following vacancies:

  • Vice President/ President Elect: This is essentially a 3-year commitment to the Board. In the first year, the primary responsibility is to chair the annual conference. In the second year, to serve as president of the association. In the third year, to serve as immediate past president and chair the annual election process.
  • Secretary:  This is currently a 2-year commitment to the Board. The term of the current secretary concludes this year.
  • Treasurer:  This is currently a 2-year commitment to the Board. We were unsuccessful in recruiting a candidate for the office last year. Our previous treasurer is now Vice President/President Elect. I am performing the function to get us through the annual conference, but it is not a role I am able to continue.
  • 3 Members at Large: This is currently a 1-year non-renewal commitment to the Board. All openings are vacant. If the proposed Constitution amendments are passed, current incumbents may be eligible for re-election.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please let me know.

Additionally, the following proposal is offered in the spirit of collegiality, democracy and modernization. I shared some of these thoughts at the annual meeting in 2016. According to our Constitution, the attached proposal should have been circulated 30 days in advance of our annual meeting. I was not able to achieve that deadline. So, if we are to act on this proposal, we will need to do 2 things at the annual meeting:

  1. Approve a motion to suspend Article IX, Sections 1 and 2 of the Constitution in this one instance.
  2. Debate and vote on the proposal, as currently presented or as modified by discussion of the membership.

Of course, if the first motion is voted down, then the second motion will not be presented, the terms of office will remain as currently codified, and perhaps the membership will choose to revisit the issue again in the future. The attached document, entitled GAIRPAQ Elections Bylaws Constitution Extracts, contains the relevant sections highlighted in yellow that I am proposing to change. The second document, entitled GAIRPAQ Election Change Proposal 041317, describes the amendments I am recommending. The proposed new language is in red. Additionally, I have offered my rationale for each proposal in blue.

If you have comments or suggestions about the proposal, you are welcome to email me ahead of the conference. If a motion to consider the proposal is approved at the annual meeting, you will also have an opportunity to oppose the proposal and/or suggest alternatives at that time.

Thank you,


Patricia L. Gregg, Ph.D.

Immediate Past-President, GAIRPAQ

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